Roster module allows you to schedule work hours and tasks for your staff. Review cost, verify availability and compliance with your Award with our simple tools.

  • Review compliance: max Employee work hours, and breaks, working days and time off against Award
  • Review cost: per Employee, per site
  • Keep track of annual leave, prompt adjustments
  • Easily turn into Timesheet, adjust time and feed into Payroll

There are two types of Roster:

  • Permanent – for any given Monday, Tuesday etc.
  • Actual – for particular date

Permanent roster is rolled over into Actual roster.

To set up Roster:

  1. Set up Sites – your locations that all staff will be allocated to
  2. Set up Permanent Roster – your long-term plan, for any given Monday, Tuesday etc.
  3. On periodical basis, roll-over Permanent Roster to Actual Roster (schedule for particular dates)
  4. Adjust Actual Roster if required: add, edit or remove records.