Relation between Payroll Items

Direct benefits, as the main drivers of Gross Payment, indicate items that are directly owed to Employee.

Indirect benefits are items that are owed to the Employee, but not directly / not immediately. These items are calculated on each payroll and may be dependent on Gross Payment, e.g. Superannuation.

Direct charges are items that are withheld from Gross Payments.

Sample Payroll – Direct Benefits

Name Units Rate Value
Salary 38 25.00 950.00
Productivity Allowance 1 80.00 80.00
Car Allowance 100 0.66 66.00

Superannuation is calculated on Salary and Productivity Allowance, but not on Car Allowance. You need to make sure that both Salary and Productivity Allowance have the ‘Superannuation’ checked, but Car Allowance not.

Superannuation is calculated on Value, as 10.00%, so it’s (950 + 80) * 10% = $103.00

Annual Leave is calculated on Salary only, and is based on Units. It’s calculated as 7% of hours, so it’s 38 * 7% = 2.66.