Indirect benefits

Indirect Benefits are entitlements that are either not immediately payable (e.g. Holiday Pay accrual, Personal Leave accrual) or not payable to the Employee (e.g. Superannuation).

  • Name (VE) – use descriptive name, it will appear on the payslip when this item is used for payment.

Items used to calculate the amount of Direct Benefit:

  • Calculation method (VF)
    • Multiply Units – Value (next field) will be multiplied by the units in pay run to get result. Sum of Units from Direct Benefits will then act as Units and Value as Rate.
    • Multiply Amount – Value (next field) will be multiplied by the Amount of primary direct benefits. Sum of Amount will then act as Units and Value as Rate.
    • Fixed Amount – amount of Value (next field) will be the result, without any further calculation.
  • Value (VF) – Multiplier or Value to be used in obtaining the result.
  • Units Rounding – calculated Units will be rounded to the number of decimal points selected here.
  • Value Rounding – calculated Value will be rounded to the number of decimal points selected here.
  • Accounts – to present these items on your financial reports and journals. You must select accounts for Debit Account (VF) and Credit Account (VE) for these values to appear, or leave both blank. Use ‘Clear Accounts’ to uncheck both accounts.
  • Show Rate as % – presentation feature: Value will be presented on payslip as multiplied by 100 and then a ‘%’ sign added. This does not affect any calculations.
  • Show on Payslip – select how do you want to present this row on payslip:
    • All details: Rate, Units and Amount
    • Only amount: Rate and Units will be hidden
    • Hide: this value will be recorded but not appear on Payslip
  • Show Summary – select what details should be presented on Year to Date / Summary on payslip:
    • Hide: this value will not appear on summary
    • Financial year to date: amount accrued to date will appear. Any payments towards this benefit will be disregarded on this summary
    • Total accruals less payments: net value of items accrued to date less paid / discharged will appear. There is no start date with this method.

Lower threshold – if you wish the amount to start calculating only when you reach a certain threshold, this is where you set it up:

  • Threshold Value – above what amount calculations should start. This amount applies to Primary Benefits as per Calculation Method, but only if Multiply Units or Multiply Amount are used. This feature does not work with Fixed Amount.
  • Per period of calculation – the amount will be calculated