How to set up new Employee & User

Staff > Payroll > Employees > New // accessible from other links as well

(Employee e-mails not available yet)

What is the difference between Employee and User?

As a first step, you set up Employee by their basic details. If you will also create User, they will be able to enter rest of their details on their Employee Portal.

Enter First Name and Last Name – these fields are compulsory to create Employee. Other details are not compulsory now, but may be required for your compliance and further functionality.

Assign Department for reporting and grouping purposes.

If you wish to create User for this person (recommended), please check the box and add their login e-mail address.

You can also select this person’s Supervisor from current Users.

If you wish to invite your User to manage their details and access your business file, then select the checkbox ‘Send invitation e-mail’, and select appropriate template (you must have your e-mail setup for outgoing mail). Your new User will receive an e-mail which will allow him to access your Business File.

If you don’t want your User to receive this e-mail, you can leave the selection unchecked. You will be able to set up their password and activate this user later.

After you click Create, you will be able to enter all other details, or wait for the Employee to enter these details in Employee Portal.