How to export Payrun to MYOB

Before you can export, you need to map accounts. If you want to match Employee Department with Job, the Department Code (Menu: Settings > Departments) must match your Job Number (MYOB: Lists > Jobs).

In BTMsoft:

  1. Go to Payrun Summary (page where you access payslips or submit STP) – Menu: Staff > Payroll > Find Payroll Run, then select one
  2. On Reports & STP section, click on Reports and in the drop-down, click on Export to MYOB.
  3. A text file (Payrol****.txt) should download.


  1. On the top menu, click File > Import/Export Assistant
  2. Select Import data and click next in bottom-right-hand corner
  3. Select General Journal Entries from the list and Browse for the text file you downloaded. Click Next
  4. Data is separated by : Tabs; The first line of the file contains: Headers or Labels. Both options should be selected by default. Click Next
  5. Click Auto Match: fields should populate. Click Next.
  6. On the next page, click Import. Wait until the process ends and review result and logs.

MYOB may change the process, names etc. Please contact us if you experience any problems.