Payroll configs

Menu: Staff > Payroll > Settings > Configs – opens a list of current Configs.

By default, there are Configs already set in each new Business File. If you don’t see Configs, contact us and we can create default Configs for you.

Payroll config is a set of parameters that will assist you in setting up payments, benefits and charges for employees during payroll. This is a set of default items that will be pre-populated for Employee and calculated. You can add and delete items during processing of payroll.

Configuration is a set of parameters:

  • If the config is active – if not, it will not be displayed when setting up employees
  • Timing of payment: weekly, fortnightly etc.
  • All default items that will appear on employees’ payroll. You can later add and remove items to customize particular pay cycle.

To add an item, click on ‘New’ button above the list. New form will open:

  • Enter name for the Config
  • Select Cycle: start and end date will be recalculated based on this selection (you can unlock dates for unusual payruns). Also, this Cycle will be used to calculate Tax Withholding from payments.
  • You must click Save before continuing to select default payroll items.
  • To add default payroll items, click ‘+’ sign on the right-hand side next to the grid.

Items are selected from Item Type: Direct Benefits, Indirect Benefits and Direct Charges. Then, select item from the list.

If you select Main Item, default hours from the Employee will be fed to this item. In our default configurations, these Main Items are Salary and Wages.

To edit Config or add / delete items, click ‘Edit’ in the main list. The same pages will appear and you can edit existing data.